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Volvo Bluetooth Module
By replacing the obsolete GSM modem in the car’s factory fitted Phone Module with this Bluetooth module you enjoy these new additional features: 

- Full Bluetooth Hands-Free speaking using the original microphone and speaker in the car
- Automatic sync of contacts from the connected mobile phone (up to 500 contacts)
- Maximum of 16 paired devices (one active connection)
- Automatic connection with the last connected mobile phone
- Incoming and outgoing calls shown on the Dashboard
- Full control using the buttons on Steering wheel and Phone module. Green button - accept the call, red button - reject the call
- DTMF tones are also supported

Music in the radio:
- You can listen to music from your mobile phone through the factory fitted radio
- You can set the module to various radio modes: CD-CHANGER (supported by all HU radios), MD-CHANGER (only HU-x0x radios) or SAT (only HU-x5x radios)
- Song ID tags on the radio (MD-CHANGER or SAT mode)
- Remaining or total time shown on radio display (CD-CHANGER or MD-CHANGER mode)
- Full control of the radio using buttons on the Steering wheel.

Other features:
- Simple firmware update and extra settings via laptop using Elk Lite software.

Supported cars:
- S60 (2000-2009)
- V/XC70 (2000-2007)
- S80 (2000-2006) - PHM with the SIM slot under the buttons.