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We are able to provide ECM remaps and are able to tune most Volvo cars via the OBD port using our software, from MY01 up. Software is purchased and installed as an in app purchase through our Elk Diagnostics software. Tuned cars typically see up to 20% increase in power and in many cases increased fuel economy to.


Tuning   Retail
Price cat 1    
2.5 Tdi    
ORI / EGR OFF / TUNE   £125.00
Price Cat 2    
D5 Euro3 96/120kW    
all petrol -MY04 excl. R    
all Euro3 P1 (MY04-05)     
B5244Sx (atmo 103/125kW)     
ORI / EGR OFF   £130.00
OEM / E85   £175.00
TUNE   £245.00
Price Cat 3    
P2 Euro4 - 93/120/136kW DPF D5    
P1 Euro4 DPF 2.0D / 1.6D / D5 (MY06-)    
P3 – 120/129/136/151kW D5 + CP22 Euro5 (-MY11)     
all petrol MY05-10 (B6304T2 etc.)    
petrol R, V8 & 3.2 (-MY10)     
ORI / EGR OFF / DPF OFF   £170.00
OEM / E85   £240.00
TUNE   £350.00
Price Cat 4    
newer P3 158kW (CP48 MY12-)    
newer P1 MY12-    
all petrol MY12- (B6304T4 etc.)    
newer XC90 147kW (D5244T18 MY11-)     
ORI / EGR OFF/ DPF OFF   £260.00
OEM / E85   £375.00
TUNE   £550.00